2024 SubSummit Speakers

We bring together 180+ executives from established enterprises and visionary businesses on the stage. These pioneers come from across a broad range of industries, including e-commerce, media, publishing, retail, streaming, SaaS, digital, automotive and beyond.

Venessa Yates

Senior Vice President & General Manager - Walmart+

Nik Sharma

CEO - Sharma Brands

Tiffany Johnson

CEO - The eCom House | Global Business Development Manager - AWS

Jon Sanchez

Former Sr. Director of Marketing & Customer Analytics & Data Science - Panera Bread

Patricia Olufemi

Partnerships Education Manager - TikTok Shop - TikTok

Ben Yahalom

President - True Classic

Darren Major

Voice of Customer - Harry's

Christina Tasci

Head of Brand and Creative - PrettyLitter

Leo Livshetz

CMO - FabFitFun | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Unhide

Tobe Matthias

Product Growth & Analytics Manager - Google

Seth Harris

Vice President, DTC - CNBC

Ari Murray

Creator - Go-to-Millions | Chief Growth Officer - Sharma Brands

Nancy Harhut

Chief Creative Officer - HBT Marketing

Samir Sheth

SVP of Membership and Digital Commerce - Oura Ring

Ansley Carlisle

Investor - Mark Cuban Companies

Joseph Siegel

Director of eCommerce Marketing

Alexandra Vailas

SVP Brand Marketing - Dyper

Jacob Zuppke

CEO - Whisker

Yael Dornbusch

Chief Subscription Officer - Zumba

Mike Beaubrun

Director, Global Head of Customer Experience - Condé Nast

Michael Ribero

SVP Consumer Revenue - Condé Nast

Sheel Shah

SVP of Enthusiast & Wellness Brands - Hearst Magazines

Paige Decker

Senior Vice President, Marketing - True Classic

Blake Orlandi

President - Book of the Month

Robbie Baxter

Founder - Peninsula Strategies

Logan Dunn

Head of E-commerce - Wyze

Jessie Babiarz

Vice President, Engagement & Monetization - Udemy

Paul Mendez

Vice President of Finance - Supply Chain, Partnerships, and Support Operations - FabFitFun

Karen Ayyagari

VP Platform - Bobbie

Jim Lee

COO - CrunchLabs

Jane Mahoney

Director of Global Subscriber Acquisition - The Wall Street Journal

Ankit Patel

Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer - Obvi

Lindsay Marra

VP of Operations - Love Wellness

Derin Oyekan

CMO - Cuddle | Former CMO - Reel

Erin O'Neill

Head of Subscription Lifecycle - Audiobooks

Zachary Zaranka

Director of Product, Subscriptions - SoundCloud

Taylor Putnam

Principal Commercial Product Manager - Alaska Airlines

Bryant Jaquez

CEO - BuddyLove

Gamal Codner

CEO - Codner & Co.

Elise Neel

Head of Strategy & Innovation - PanasonicWELL

Jonathan Bensamoun

CEO - Fi

Amin Ameen

Engineer & Product Professional - Everything NA Art

Sam Shames

Co-Founder & COO - Embr Labs

Erin Burk

VP of Business Development - August

Jai Dolwani

Founder & CEO - The Starters

Lee Boykoff

Chief Marketing & Data Officer - America's Test Kitchen

Kris Christian

Founder & CEO - Chicago French Press

Kevin Tighe

CEO - Beachly Brands

Jennifer Bartashus

Senior Analyst - Bloomberg Intelligence

Ash Melwani

Co-Founder & CMO - Obvi

Saidah Farrell

CEO - Marshmallow of the Month Club

Kelley Thornton

Founder & CEO - Tiege Hanley

Tom Bambara

Senior Manager, Customer Success & Experience - Tiege Hanley

Sarah Williams

Founder - Launch Your Box

Ronak Shah

CEO & Co-Founder - Obvi

Nia-Tayler Clark

Founder & CEO - BlackLIT

Aaron Nosbisch

Founder & CEO - BREZ

Nick Shackelford

Partner & Head of Retention - BREZ

Katrina Tolentino

Executive Director - Naturally Network

Steve Young

Founder - App Masters

Linda Hamlin

Creative Brand Design Lead - Carhartt

Abishek Surana Rajendra

VP of Organic Growth - Course Hero

Juan Palacio

Founder & CEO - BloomsyBox.com

Lynn Schlesinger

Chief Customer Experience Officer - Forbes

Braeden Russell

Director, Pricing - American Home Shield

Vanessa Landivar

VP, Growth - Jupiter

Travis Chappell

Founder - Guestio

Jessica Cervellon

Founder - Open Late Collective | Host - The Juice With Jess Cervellon Podcast

Sean Luxton

General Manager - MyOutdoorTV

Kat Weaver

Founder - Power To Pitch

Matt Edmundson

Host - The eCommerce Podcast

Emma Huttman

Manager, Customer Insights & Transformation - The Washington Post

Matt Fiedler

Co-Founder - Vinyl Me, Please

Michelle Parsons

Chief Product Officer - Lex

Chase Clymer

Host - Honest Ecommerce

Laura Crowther

Director of Product - UrbanSitter

Lindsay Lightman

Principal - RevTech Ventures

Josh Band

Founder & CEO - Plate Crate

Florence Ho

SVP, Marketing, Loyalty & Customer Experience - Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants

Colin Barceloux

CEO - Lively Root

Ciara Stockeland

Host - The Inventory Genius Podcast

Kathryn Richardson

Founder & CEO - YearCheer

Scott Barton

Chief Product Officer - MyBundle

Jocelyn Mizrahi

CEO - Dog Mom Lifestyles

Liam Brennan

Founder, Subscription Box Experts Academy⼁Co-Founder, BusterBox

Shana Lynn Bresnahan

Community & Retention Strategist - Community Cultivated

Brian Mac Mahon

CEO - Expert Dojo

Corinne Crabtree

CEO & Founder - No BS Weightloss⼁No BS Business

Jordan West

E-Commerce Investor & Podcast Host, upGrowth Commerce

Katie Dunn

Partner - Power To Pitch

Henry Shi

Co-founder - Super.com

Kevin Lavelle

CEO and Co-Founder - Harbor

Richard Kestenbaum

Partner - Triangle Capital

Tiffani Neal

Founder - Barlow's

Adam Levinter

Founder & CEO - Scriberbase

Becca Porter

Owner - An Unlikely Pear

Jon Lin

Former VP of Product - Sling TV

Amelia Coomber

Director, Acquisition & Performance Marketing - PetPlate

Lorena Hixson

Founder & CEO - Passion & Growth

Guy Marion

CMO - Chargebee

Carl Nightingale

Head of Product for Chargebee Retention - Chargebee

Linda Goldstein

Partner, Chair Advertising, Marketing Digital Media Practice - BakerHostetler

Daniel Kaufman

Partner - Baker Hostetler

Joe Rohrlich

CEO - Recurly

Jen Gray

SVP of Marketing - Recharge

Kevin Kline

Director of Agency Partnerships

Kimberly Miller

Executive VP of Strategy and Operations - Payway

Jay Myers

Co-Founder - Bold Commerce

Vijay Menon

CEO & Founder - Butter Payments

Tiffany Accardi

Founder & CEO - Gals That Brunch

Matthew Gallagher

CEO - WatchGang

Felicia Jarrell

Founder & CEO - Goldmine & Coco

Myles Grimard

CEO - Brickhouse Nutrition

Max Hennon

COO - Brickhouse Nutrition

Emily Sewell

Senior Director of Operations - Zenni Optical

Matthew Holman

Founder - Subscription Prescription

Laura Holzwasser

Director, Media - Great Pet Care

Richard Brown

News Media Revenue Executive Leadership Consultant - RE Media Holdings

Jason Platt Zolov

Consultant - Hub Entertainment Research

Julie Ball

Head Coach - Subscription Box Basics

Ryan Moore

Marketing Director - Hooked on Phonics

Ryan Rouse

Principle - R2 Digital

Thomas Ansu

Owner - The Burn Box

Renae Gonzalez

Marketing Coach - Subscription Box Basics

Brad Savage

Founder & CEO - Gardencup

Tita Tantipinichwong

Senior Marketing Manager - CrunchLabs

Josh Eidenberg

Co-Founder & Head of Product - Miracle Morning App

David Baker

Chief Digital Officer - Beekman 1802

Peachi Williams

Founder & Creative Director - Freshman Fun Box

Marc Nathan

Founder & Publisher - Texas Squared Startup Newsletter

Kelly Cummins

Director of Brand & Strategy -Element5 Digital

Thomas Krieger

Art Director - Kitty Poo Club

Georgia Healey

Former SVP Brand Marketing - Formerly PROVEN Skincare

Brice McBeth

Founder & President - Reap Commerce

Hattie Gilpin

Director of Operations - Wellbel

Scott Ziolko

Head of Data - Philo

Erin Essman

GM, Head of Sales and Business Development - Flowspace

Quincy Olatunde

VP, Products, Direct-to-Consumer - Peacock

Tyler Barnes

Senior Director of Digital Product and Commerce - Hill's Pet Nutrition

Carl DAgostino

CEO & Founder - solvpath

Stephen Ezell

CEO - Truly Free Market & Truly Free Home

Scott Yamano

CEO - We Feed Raw

Patrick Yatskis

Vice President of Digital Growth & Ecommerce - Serenity Kids

Mike Vladimer

Host - Nascent Startups Podcast

Antoinette Abrahamsen

Founder & CEO - The Ring Boxes⼁The Belly Bundle

Nathan Yap

CEO - SupportZebra

Amer Grozdanic

CEO - Praella

Jimmy Kim

Founder & CIO - Sendlane

John Roman

CEO - BattlBox

Bryan MacDonald

Director of E-Commerce - Oma's Pride

Derral Eves

Co-Founder & CSO - The Chosen

Virjinie Matthews

Director, Operations - ACC Premiere

Dan Eyman

CEO & Founder - EnduranceBox

Morgan Hirsh

Founder - Public Goods

Elizabeth Parks

President and Chief Marketing Officer - Parks Associates

Scott Wallace

Co-Founder, President - I'm The Chef Too!

Eric Carlson

Co-Founder - SweatPants Agency

Landon Shaw

Co-Founder - SweatPants Agency

Brian Thomas

Co-Founder - Completing The Puzzle

Amanda Herman

Brand Manager - CPG - Whirlpool Corporation

Alison Adkins

D2C Merchandising Manager - CPG - Whirlpool Corporation

Jennifer Cline

Director of Marketing - SubSummit

Lauren Pienta

Event Coordinator and Program Manager - SubSummit

Christopher George

CEO - SubSummit

Paul Chambers

Co-Founder - SubSummit

John Haji

Co-Founder - SubSummit

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