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Exhibitor Hall Opens

Atlantic Hall B & C

1:00 - 1:20PM EST

Shift [to Launch]

Let's Talk Subscription!

Track 1 - Startup & Early Stage

It's time to get all your subscription questions answered! In this session, SUBTA (and SubSummit) Co-Founder Christopher George and Director of Marketing Jennifer Cline will help you blaze your own trail to become an industry leader in no time. Bring your notebook and a pen, because you won't want to forget their advice!

20211210_SLP8672 (1)

Jennifer Cline

Speaker Headshot_CG!

Christopher George

Shift [to New Opportunities]

Pot Politics: Cannabis and Subscription

Track 2 - Next Level

Regulations, regulations, and more regulations. The cannabis industry might not be as free-spirited as you may think when looking at the Lucky Box Club team's journey to become a leader in the space. Discover how Eliza and Luke Maroney set their company apart by building a subscription that gives back to the community.


Eliza Maroney
Lucky Box Club


Luke Maroney
Lucky Box Club

Shift [to a Better World]

Sustainability + Subscription = Subscribers!

Track 3 - The Ultimate Shift

Being eco-friendly pays off... Literally! Discover the impact sustainability can have on your subscription in this session.

Speaker Headshot_greg

Greg Bell
Better Battery Co.

1:30 - 1:50PM EST

Shift [to Launch]

It's Playoff Time!

Track 1 - Startup & Early Stage

The holiday season is upon us, and it's time to get busy. You've spent enough time strategizing your 2022 goals, and now, it all comes down to execution. Luckily, Sarah Williams has been in your shoes, and she knows exactly what it takes to succeed during Q4!


Sarah Williams
Launch Your Box

Shift [to New Opportunities]

The Art & Science of 3PL Match-Making

Track 2 - Next Level

You don't need to do everything in-house. In fact, it might be detrimental. But what's the alternative? How can you trust a third-party company to store, package, and ship your product all over the world? Get your questions answered in this session!

Speaker Headshot_EmilyS

Emily Sewell
Hubble Contacts

Speaker Headshot_Matthew

Matthew Hertz
Second Marathon

Speaker Headshot_Katie

Katie Lucas
Dylan’s Candy Bar

Speaker Headshot_erin

Erin Lytollis
Sakara Life Inc.

Speaker Headshot (5)

Ellyette Gheno

Shift [to a Better World]

The Business of Diversity & Inclusion: Why It Matters

Track 3 - The Ultimate Shift

Building a successful business goes beyond revenue numbers. It's about creating positive change. Learn how to do just that thanks to Anthony D. Mays whose journey from Compton to Google taught him a lot about the importance of diversity and inclusion in tech. Discover practical strategies for building more inclusiveness internally, how to develop strong brand representation externally and get others involved in your work and mission.

Speaker Headshot-AnthonyD

Anthony D. Mays
Morgan Latimer LLC

2:00 - 2:30PM EST

Shift [to Launch]

The Nuts and Bolts of Running a Subscription Box

Track 1 - Startup & Early Stage

Organization is the key to your success if you're just getting started in the subscription industry. Dorethia Kelly has been there, and she learned a ton of valuable lessons she wants to share with you on what project management tools you should use, the systems you need to have in place now, and much more!


Dorethia Kelly
Work • Space • Spark

Shift [to New Opportunities]

The Battle for Entertainment Subscribers’ Share of Mind

Track 2 - Next Level

As the need for entertainment continues to increase, so are the options available to consumers. The question is: How do you capture your target audience's attention in this increasingly competitive market? Gain access to exclusive consumer data and learn the best ways to make your subscription a ‘must-have’ in this entertainment-driven world thanks to insights from Jon Giegengack and Mike Durange of Hub Entertainment Research!

Speaker Headshot_Jon

Jon Giegengack
Hub Entertainment Research

Speaker Headshot- Mike Durange

Mike Durange
Hub Entertainment Research

Shift [to a Better World]

Delivering a Sustainable Choice for Your Customers and the Planet

Track 3 - The Ultimate Shift

Research shows that consumers want to be part of the environmental solution, but it's estimated that only 40% of fiber from boxes is recovered from residential recycling. With more boxes than ever coming to American doorsteps, consumers are feeling increased guilt. So how can you make your subscribers feel better when receiving their precious deliveries? Discover the benefits of recycling packaging and boxes and how you, as a subscription box company, can be part of the solution – a win, win!

Speaker Headshot_SarahMeiburg

Sarah Meiburg
Paper and Packaging Board

2:30 - 3:00PM EST

Networking Break

Atlantic Hall B & C

Walk through the world's largest subscription exhibitor hall and connect with more than 1,000 professionals who can help you unlock the next phase of your business!

Subscription Box Basics LIVE

SUBTA Studios Stage

Attend an exclusive edition of Subscription Box Basics live at SubSummit 2022 with Julie Ball and a special guest!


Julie Ball
Subscription Box Basics

3:00 - 3:30PM EST

How Alo Moves Uses Creator Marketing to Drive Member Growth

SUBTA Theater

Nisho Cherison, Client Partner at Meta, sits down with Natasha, General Manager of Alo Moves, to discuss how their best-in-class Instagram creator marketing strategy has driven explosive growth of their subscriber base. They’ll provide actionable insights and best practices for taking your creator marketing strategy to the next level.

Speaker Headshot_Nisho

Nisho Cherison

Speaker Headshot_Natasha

Natasha Trindall
Alo Moves

3:30 - 3:45PM EST

SubSummit 2022 Opening Ceremony

SUBTA Theater

We're entering a new era in subscription — one that surrounds every part of our lives. Join SUBTA Co-Founders Christopher George, John Haji, and Paul Chambers as they welcome everyone to the 7th Annual SubSummit. Kick off the event with their energy and excitement as they encourage the audience to Shift and Discover what's next!

PaulChambersHS1 (1) 1

Paul Chambers

JohnHaji2 1

John Haji

Speaker Headshot_CG!

Chrisopher George

3:45 - 4:15PM EST

Going Public - A Tale from the Trenches

SUBTA Theater

Fundraising isn't easy and neither are earnings calls, and Matthew Thelen, CSO and General Council of Winc Wines, has seen it all. In his eight years with the company, Matthew has led the business through multiple VC rounds, a Regulation A offering, all of the way to becoming a publicly traded company. Join SUBTA CEO Paul Chambers as he asks Matthew the hard-hitting questions and uncovers how the journey has been so far, and where they're headed next.

PaulChambersHS1 (1) 1

Paul Chambers

Speaker Headshot_MatthewT

Matthew Thelen
Winc, Inc.

4:15 - 4:45PM EST

Investing in Innovation

SUBTA Theater

Million-dollar ideas are great, as long as you can advertise their true value properly. In this session, Venture Capitalist Brian Mac Mahon will help you stand out from the competition and get the valuation/funding you deserve.


Brian Mac Mahon
Expert DOJO

4:45 - 5:30PM EST

The SubSummit 2022 Pitch Competition
Presented by Pitney Bowes & Praella

SUBTA Theater

Open to ALL SubSummit attendees. The Pitch Competition is back for its fourth year and the prize package is BIGGER than ever before! Watch as the finalists compete live in front of a panel of judges to win $50,000 in cash and in-kind services.

20211210_SLP8402 (1) (2)

Louis Ricard

Speaker Headshot_MichaelO

Michael O.

Speaker Headshot_MichaelSturba

Michael Sturba
Micro Puzzles, LLC

Speaker Headshot_RachelD

Rachel Duguay
Micro Puzzles, LLC

sj-headsho2t-trg-4x5-11 1

Sarah Jacobs
The Robot Garage

Speaker Headshot

Jonathan Jacobs
The Robot Garage

Speaker Headshot_Imanyco1

Aakriti Gupta

Speaker Headshot_Imanyco2

Saïda Florexil

5:30 - 7:00PM EST

Welcome Reception

Front Porch

Meet your fellow SubSummit 2022 attendees and celebrate the end of a successful first day here in Orlando!

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