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A FREE virtual event that will feature a virtual expo hall, live speakers, networking lounges, and more!

Women in Subscription

The largest event dedicated to the Subscription Industry

The global economy is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Nearly every company now offers some type of subscription service and the concepts are blurring. It’s time to define what is happening and how you can scale and defend agains the swelling tides of change.

That’s why we’ve merged the two largest and most influential subscription conferences into one–the Subscription Summit. Because subscriptions are not just about boxes anymore.

The Subscription Summit is the first and only conference devoted exclusively to those who work in or alongside the subscription commerce industry. SubSummit 2020 connects today’s industry leaders, innovators and partners that are driving the rapid evolution of how consumers discover, buy and experience new products.

Join your peers as we all learn and network virtually this year on November 11-13, 2020.

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The Experience

At the 5th annual SubSummit you will hear from over 100 pioneers and innovators of the subscription commerce economy discussing the industry drivers, best practices, scalable business models, marketing that works, positive impact, and profitability.

Through multiple tracks, you’ll have the opportunity to attend these content-packed presentations, fireside chats, and workshops around the rapidly evolving new world economy.

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Digital Segment Media Segment Membership Segment Streaming Segment Suscribe and Save Segment Subsription Box Segment

6 Segments of the Subscription Commerce Economy

The subscription commerce economy consists of six segments: Subscription Box, Subscribe and Save, Membership, Media and Publication, Digital / Software, and Streaming (Video and Music).

Learn about the segments

Why Attend?

The SubSummit is the largest event dedicated to the subscription commerce industry. By attending, you’ll have the opportunity to share best practices, learn scalable business models and network with some of the biggest players in the business.

Cube Awards

The first and only award ceremony in the industry — to showcase the best in class in the subscription commerce space. Celebrate the businesses that have gone the extra mile by submitting a nomination!

The Best of 2019

Be Surrounded by Industry Leaders and Premium Sponsors

Chathri Ali


Patrick Campbell

CEO & Co-Founder

Christine Deehring

CEO and Founder

Trevor Fandale


Nick Shah

Co-Founder & COO

Michelle Lange


Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers

President & Co-Founder

Amy Konary

VP, Chair of the Subscribed Institute, Zuora

Christopher George

Co-Founder & Chairman

John Haji