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The Best Way to Attend SubSummit as a Consumer Brand


Our Hosted Merchants Program is the best way for qualifying merchants to meet new people, discover new companies, and create incredible new opportunities! Whether you need to meet potential partners, discover up-and-coming technologies, or find innovative solutions for your organization, our Hosted Program has you covered. All meetings are double opt-in (both people agree to meet each other), and so they’re valuable to everyone.

As part of our Hosted Merchants Program, we offer qualifying merchants a complimentary ticket to SubSummit plus travel/hotel reimbursement of up to $750 per person

Be Part of the Largest 1:1 Meetings Program in Recurring Revenue

Follow in these industry leaders’ footsteps and meet 1:1 with solutions providers dedicated to helping you grow your business!

Limited Seats Available

There are only 400 Hosted Merchant Meetings tickets available for DTC brands, and more than 200 have already been redeemed.

This is your ONLY chance at attending SubSummit for free, so don’t miss out!

Program Closes FRIDAY, MAY 10

To qualify as a Hosted Merchant, you:

(1) should be employed by a merchant who buys or influences the purchase of technology and other solutions for your company, and

(2) attend up to eight (8) 15-minute double opt-in onsite Hosted Meetings with participating solution providers.

That’s an incredibly efficient use of up to 2 hours of your time at SubSummit.

Only 400 individuals can attend SubSummit as Hosted Merchants. With such limited spots, the earlier you apply, the more likely you’ll be approved. The travel/hotel reimbursement is based on receipts submitted following the event.

1,200+ Registered Already!

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