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SubSummit Tabletalks

Subscription Peer Group Discussions

Tabletalks are on-site, interactive roundtables that bring together 5-8 individuals from peer groups to share insights, address issues and generate actionable takeaways on key industry topics that help drive themselves and their businesses forward.

Tabletalks can be open to all merchant attendees based on specific topics. These are 45-minute subscription peer group discussions that have consistently been the most-requested collaboration opportunity by attendees. Little-to-no such opportunities to learn and collaborate in peer groups exist at traditional events.

The entire process of scheduling Tabletalks is automated using our technology platform, with attendees completing short profiles, selecting the topics they’re interested in and designating their availability. We then use an algorithm to schedule curated peer groups based on job levels that are non-competitive, which attendees accept. 

Topics Include...

These topics have not been finalized. 

Sponsor Tabletalks

Tabletalks are perfect for sponsors to get in front of small, intimate target groups in a thought-leadership context around timely and meaningful topics, and are a great way to build business relationships. 

Companies can sponsor Tabletalks based on topics. We work with sponsors to identify a topic that is aligned with your organization and valuable to participants. 

You get sponsorship of every Tabletalk table that is assigned to your topic, and your sponsorship includes:

  1. Sponsor name included with the topic
  2. Branding on Tabletalks tables in the form of your logo on the table placard identifying the topic for that table
  3. A seat for one member of your team at each Tabletalk table scheduled for your topic as a moderator who facilitates the discussion. Note that since the final number of tables is determined by how many attendees select that topic, we cannot guarantee the number of Tabletalks assigned to any topic or sponsor. We do, however, limit the total number of topics offered to 8 to help generate meaningful participation in each topic 
  4. Additional onsite branding and signage

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