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Sponsor Specifications

Dedicated Emails

Emails should be no longer than 500 characters and will be subject to revisions from the SubSummit team to ensure the content is relevant to the SubSummit audience. 

If you wish to include images or graphics, please do not exceed a width of 1200px.

Dedicated SMS

Please keep your dedicated SMS blast to 160 characters or less. To schedule a day/time you wish SubSummit to send a text, please email sponsorships@subsummit.com.

Video Wall Ads

Any video submission must be 45 seconds or less. Please export it as an MP4 file in 1080p.

Push Notifications

Push notifications must not exceed 150 characters total:

  • Title: 50 characters max
  • Message: 100 characters max 

Logo Submissions

Please submit your logo via an SVG file to ensure the highest display quality throughout the event. If you do not have an SVG version of your logo, please submit a PNG file.

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