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Engage in new strategies. Enrich your customer experience.

Discover how subscription industry leaders built their business

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From startup owner to a leader in the subscription industry

Having first attended in 2017, John Roman has seen himself and his company reach new heights. After originally looking to network and take his startup subscription to the next level, John now helps countless other subscription brands grow and prosper. Not only has BattlBox turned into a multimillion-dollar subscription business that was recently acquired, John also received the inaugural SUBTA Impact Award at SubSummit 2022. 

“I have never met so many fellow leaders in the space in one area all willing to chat openly about what's working and what's not working.”

Access full-range solutions and connections to start and scale your business.

Your business has its own unique challenges that require thoughtful, proven solutions. That is exactly what you will get when you attend SubSummit.

Kickstart Your Growth

  • Startup Dos & Don’ts
  • Best Hiring Practices
  • Marketing on a Budget
  • The Growth Mindset

Level Up Your Subscription

  • Outsourcing Made Easy
  • Merger & Acquisition Process
  • Investing in Your Team
  • Finding Partners to Trust

Cement Your Leadership in the Marketplace

  • Consumer Behaviors to Monitor
  • What Your Competition Isn’t Doing
  • Expanding Your Offering Effectively
  • What Your Target Audience Expects from You

Solve key subscription challenges and make meaningful connections to scale your business

The challenges of operating a successful subscription are constantly shifting. Quick Google searches or the occasional podcast just do not offer the same type of answers they used to.

From startup to established, your business has its own unique challenges that require thoughtful, proven solutions. That is exactly what you will get when you attend SubSummit.

Learn strategies in subscriber acquisition, churn, retention, and fulfillment. Gain impactful insights on product experiences, customer service, shipping logistics, mergers and acquisitions, financing, and beyond.

With 100+ speaker topics and 125+ vetted suppliers, this three-day event is carefully curated to take the stress and uncertainty out of growing your recurring revenue business. Speakers share stories, lessons learned, and “Aha!” moments to transform the way you think about your product, customers, and the world you serve.

2023 Featured Speakers & Events

3 days of jam-packed sessions, engaging conversations, and life-changing opportunities.

Neil Hoyne

Chief Measurement Officer, Google

Decision-Based Marketing

If a good instinct usually leads to good ideas, then data always leads to great marketing campaigns. Enrich your perspective on what smart marketing means to you and your team in this talk led by Neil Hoyne, Chief Measurement Strategist at Google and Author of Converted.

Pitch Competition

Presented by Praella

Attend one of the most exciting and entertaining events at SubSummit, the Pitch Competition, where four startup business owners will compete for a chance to win $50,000 in cash and prizes. Their pitches could spark an idea for your own business!

Tamira Chapman

President & CEO, Storehouse In A Box

Developing a Deep Connection With Your Customers

Your customers are much more than a number, so why treat them like such? It’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate what makes your community smile, laugh, and all the positive emotions you want them to feel when engaging with you.

Hosted Buyer Program

Take part in 8 personalized, face-to-face meetings with the largest vendors and suppliers in the subscription industry. Find your trusted partners to help take your business to new heights and become eligible to receive a FREE ticket to SubSummit 

Anthony Coombs

Founder & CEO, Splendies

The On/Off Switch of Hypergrowth in the Early 20s

Launching and scaling a subscription company is a journey filled with unique experiences and challenges. Add in a looming recession, and it can be intimidating to navigate. Learn from the founder and CEO of Splendies, a leading underwear subscription, on how to protect your business from future recessions.

Cube Awards

The Cube Awards honors the best and brightest subscription brands through 15 different categories. This is the chance for your team to regroup after a day filled with networking opportunities and lessons learned. Enjoy a fancy dinner and take part in a night you will not forget.

Gain the resources and community to push your subscription forward

Each year, subscriptions of every size join us for the must-attend event — with attendees representing more than 200 job titles. This experience is packed with tactics, strategies, and experiences that will have a lasting impact — no matter what role you play in the subscription space.

Be part of the conversations that push
the subscription industry to new heights

Enrich your skillset and production through engaging sessions and networking opportunities. From pioneers of the subscription industry to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, SubSummit gathers the most creative and forward-thinking individuals to tackle the biggest challenges and opportunities facing subscription businesses.  

Be in a room filled with decision makers and engage in conversations that will enrich your perspective, knowledge, and revenue. 

The most productive off-site retreat any team could ask for!

A life-changing conversation is waiting to happen for everyone at SubSummit. The possibilities are endless. Your sales team can be exploring the SubSummit Exhibitor Hall in search of the vendor(s) your company has been looking for. Your leadership team could be striking partnerships with other business owners. You could be expanding your professional network with like-minded individuals.

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Wondering what 2023 will look like for your business?

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