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SubSummit's 2021 Cube Awards

Celebrating the best and most innovative direct-to-consumer companies in the subscription industry!

Nominate Your Favorite Subscription

The Subscription Industry’s Biggest Night of the Year!

SubSummit is once again the site of the largest award ceremony dedicated to the subscription industry. This year the Cube awards are both in person, and virtual.

Coming to you live from Dallas, Texas the evening of September 22nd.

Nominate your favorite subscription company by July 30th.

Fourteen categories that honor the entire industry!

From best customer experience to the best marketing campaign, streaming subscription to food Subscription, this year’s Cube Awards have it all. See the full list of categories, and nominate your favorite subscriptions today!

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Why Winning Matters!

  • Cube Award winners, and nominees, receive extra press and recognition 
  • Winning helps subscription companies stand out in the rapidly growing and crowded industry.
  • Attending the Cube Awards is a great way to celebrate a year of hard work. An evening of eating, drinking, and of course the after-party!

Over the years we have honored some great subscription companies. Nominees and winners have included:


Nominate a Subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline to nominate a business?

All submissions must be made before July 30th.

Can I nominate my company?

Of course. We encourage companies to honor and celebrate their hard work.

If I nominate a company more than once, will it increase their chances of winning?

Nominating your favorite subscription company does not increase their chances of winning. Our nominees and winners are selected based on SUBTA’s rigorous grading criteria and chosen by the SubSummit committee and staff.

When will companies know if they have been nominated?

Our nominees will be announced in late August. We will reach out to nominees directly and announce it on our SubSummit website.

What are the six segments of SUBTA?

The subscription commerce economy consists of six segments: Subscription Box, Subscribe and Save, Membership, Media and Publication, Digital / Software, and Streaming (Video and Music). You can read more about each here.

What is the Thrive category?

This year we’ve added our Thrive category to honor those who have succeeded amidst one of our economy’s most challenging years. 2020 required companies to innovate more quickly than ever, pivoting business strategies, revenue models, and more. Tell us stories about companies that added a subscription model, built an impressive new community, reached unprecedented growth, or otherwise thrived.

How are nominees and winners selected?

Nominees are selected by our SUBTA community. Your submissions create our nominees.

Our winners are scored and selected by SUBTA committee members, and industry experts using a grading rubric created specifically for each category.

How long does the ceremony last, and is there an after-party?

A ceremony is an evening event hosted in person at SubSummit 2021 in Dallas, TX. This event includes drinks, dinner, and access to the VIP afterparty. From sitting at your dinner table to applauding for the last Cube Award recipient, the ceremony typically takes about 2 hours. How long you dance and party is up to you.

Are the winners announced ahead of time?

No, they will not. We want maximum excitement at the Cube Awards!

Do I have to be there to win?

While companies and individuals do not have to be present to win, we highly encourage your attendance if you are nominated. There are hundreds of reasons you should attend SubSummit in general, and the honor of being nominated needn’t be the proverbial straw.

Is there a vegetarian or vegan meal option?

Absolutely! The meat-eaters will be jealous of your scrumptious dish. Just make sure you select “vegan” or “vegetarian” when during the checkout process when buying your SubSummit ticket(s).


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