The SubSummit 2022 Startup Scholarship

Applications are CLOSED.

If you have applied, the Scholarship Committee will review your application and reach out to you no later than April 7. In the meantime, take a look at all of the fantastic things waiting for you in Orlando, Fla. this June!

SubSummit 2022 Speakers

Meet the industry experts who will guide you to unlock your subscription’s true potential!

SubSummit 2022 Pitch Competition

Presented by Praella and Pitney Bowes

2022 SUBTA
Cube Awards

The Academy Awards of Subscription

Did you miss your chance to apply? You can still purchase your SubSummit ticket!


Applications were due on March 31, 2022, by 11:59pm EST. If you missed your chance to apply, get your ticket here! 

The recipients of the SubSummit 2022 Startup Scholarship will receive one free in-person SubSummit ticket, free hotel accommodations for up to two nights at The Swan and Dolphin Hotel at Walt Disney World, and up to $400 USD in airfare reimbursement.

Members of the SubSummit Scholarship Committee will review and determine whether or not you are eligible for the scholarship. 

Recipients will be notified via email no later than April 7, 2022.

Yes, all recipients must attend SubSummit in person in Orlando, Fla.

You will have to make your own airfare arrangements and submit them to the SubSummit Scholarship Committee. However, we will reserve a hotel room for your stay. There will be a post-conference survey you are required to complete that will be available on June 3 at 1pm EST with one week to return it to us. Once we have received your survey, we will reimburse you for the dollar amount listed in the package.

We understand that things out of our control come up, and plans need to change. We ask that you reach out to the SubSummit Scholarship Committee explaining why you can no longer attend the conference via your scholarship funding.

You cannot use your scholarship funding toward a virtual ticket. Please let us know if you will not be attending in person. You are welcome to purchase a virtual ticket here if necessary.

To make the most of your SubSummit experience, we highly encourage you to attend the event in person. You will be networking with thousands of subscription entrepreneurs, connecting with industry professionals, and meeting with hundreds of suppliers who have the tools to support you and your subscription.

You must attend in person to secure your reimbursement. If you cancel your trip at the last minute after already submitting airfare information, unfortunately we will be unable to refund you. Individuals that do not fulfill their scholarship commitments may no longer be eligible for SubSummit and SUBTA opportunities, including (but not limited to): Pitch Competition, Cube Awards, and Hosted Buyer.

You need to submit your airfare information no later than May 1, 2022.

You are welcome to come with others to SubSummit; we encourage it! We understand that subscription startups often rely on the teamwork of many individuals. Should you be a recipient of this scholarship and additional support is needed for your team, please let us know so we can work with you individually on potential discount opportunities.

You will receive the reimbursement within two weeks of submitting your post-conference survey.

You will receive an email letting you know you did not receive the scholarship. But there may be partial scholarship opportunities, so stay tuned!

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