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Connect with the World's Largest Membership Brands at SubSummit

What do the NBA, Patreon, and FabFitFun have in common? They’ve going to SubSummit to enrich their membership offerings.

When you attend SubSummit 2023, you will walk out with actionable lessons and fresh ideas on how to enhance your relationships with your members and turn them into lifelong customers. 

If you’re a fan of the membership model, you’re at SubSummit.

Featured Speakers

Michael Ribero

Chief Subscription Officer,
The Washington Post

Adam Levinter

Founder & CEO, Scriberbase

Tamira Chapman

President & CEO, Storehouse In A Box

Schedule Highlights

Wednesday | 1:30PM - 1:55PM | New Orleans Theater

Retaining Customers in Uncertain Times: What 2200 Consumers Say It Takes To Keep Their Business

The tightening of economic conditions is causing consumers to rethink why, how and where they purchase products and services. The result: churn among subscriptions that suddenly become ‘nice to haves’. The research proves it.

Hear from sticky.io CEO Brian Bogosian and PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster as they present the premier edition of The PYMNTS Subscription Retention Readiness Index. New data from subscription merchants and US consumers shed light on why consumers keep or cancel subscriptions, the features essential to retention and the financial impact to subscription companies that leverage best practices — and those that don’t.

Brian Bogosian, President & CEO sticky.io

Karen Webster, CEO at PYMNTS.com

#Growth #Operations

Thursday | 9:30AM - 9:55AM | Denver Theater

Turn Discovery and Delight into a Membership Masterpiece

How to master retention? Create a unique community that your subscribers cannot find anywhere else. Join our panel of subscription leaders who’ve turned the lessons they’ve learned about churn into a successful strategy for building a loyal community of subscribers. 

Michael Loyd Jr. CEO at Dope Coffee Company

#Growth #Operations #SubscriptionBox

Thursday | 3:00PM - 3:25PM | Denver Theater

Managing and Experimenting with Offerings

Hundreds of markets, thousands of price points, layers of products, and infinite possibilities. So how do you manage all of these opportunities to maximize effectiveness? In this session, experts from The Washington Post, The New York Times, and more will share their experiences and insights.

This panel will focus on the strategies and techniques for managing and experimenting with offerings, product development, market research, and testing new ideas.

Attendees will learn about the latest tools and best practices for identifying and addressing customer needs, as well as the importance of data-driven decision making and ongoing experimentation. The session will provide valuable information for anyone interested in understanding how to effectively manage and experiment with offerings in any industry.

Michael Ribero, Chief Subscription Officer at Washington Post

Ken Houseman, Executive Director of Product, Commerce at The New York Times

Moderator: Jonathan Gupta-Buckley, Founder at The Twenty One

#Growth #Acquisition #Operations #Media #Streaming #Digital

Connect with the world's largest membership brands at subsummit

Each year, titans of the membership space and rising stars of every size join us for the premiere event in subscription — with attendees representing more than 200 job titles. This experience is packed with innovative tactics, exclusive strategies, and unparalleled experiences that will have a lasting impact — no matter what role you play in the membership space.

Connect with solution providers that will ease your workload and take your business to the next level. With leaders from the largest subscription and membership businesses in one room, there is an “Aha!” moment waiting around every corner at SubSummit. 

Access full-range solutions and connections to start and scale your Membership.

Your business has its own unique challenges that require thoughtful, proven solutions. That is exactly what you will get when you attend SubSummit.

Kickstart Your Growth

  • Startup Dos & Don’ts
  • Best Hiring Practices
  • Marketing on a Budget
  • The Growth Mindset

Level Up Your Membership

  • Outsourcing Made Easy
  • Merger & Acquisition Process
  • Investing in Your Team
  • Building a powerful online community

Cement Your Leadership in the Marketplace

  • Consumer Behaviors to Monitor
  • What Your Competition Isn’t Doing
  • Expanding Your Offering Effectively
  • What Your Community Expects from You

Connect With The Leaders And Solutions Providers That Will Impact Your Business

Each year, subscriptions of every size join us for the must-attend event — with attendees representing more than 200 job titles. This experience is packed with tactics, strategies, and experiences that will have a lasting impact — no matter what role you play in the subscription space.

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