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A FREE virtual event that will feature a virtual expo hall, live speakers, networking lounges, and more!

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What is the Hosted Buyer’s Program?

Think of it as business speed-dating. It’s a brand new intimate networking opportunity that gives merchants one-on-one time with different suppliers to evaluate various business solutions.

Approved merchants that meet the participating requirements** will receive:

SubSummit 1 Free Ticket

How it works.

The program matches each participating merchant with eight industry partners based on the company profiles provided. Each of these one-on-one meetings is onsite and only eight minutes long.

Merchant Application

What’s In It for Suppliers?

The SubSummit Hosted Buyer’s Program allows suppliers to host effective one-on-one meetings with new merchants and generate stronger leads.

As a meeting host, you’ll also receive access to the Hosted Buyer’s Lounge to continue networking with other merchants and suppliers in the program.

Supplier Application


**Merchants must meet all the participating requirements in order to receive a reimbursement:

Applications will be reviewed, selected, and matched based on the profile of the company you represent, and the services to be rendered.

Free Ticket & Travel Reimbursement: SumSummit’s Hosted Buyer Program for Merchants will provide one free ticket and up to $500 in reimbursements for flight and the hosting hotel, for one individual that participates in the program

Qualification for Reimbursement: You must attend all scheduled meetings and be on time for all meetings, being late or not attending all of your scheduled meetings will result in a forfeit of the reimbursement.

Employment Change: If you are no longer employed by a company that has been selected to participate, and there is no representative to fulfill the position, you must notify SUBTA as soon as possible to terminate the future meetings. Failure to notify the association may result in future eligibility to participate.

Reimbursement Process: Please submit travel and hotel receipts to by November 13th, 2020, along with payment information, including who the check can be made payable to and the address that the check can be sent to.

Reimbursement will not be fulfilled for the use of points or miles. Reimbursement will be up to 500 USD for Travel and Hotel stay after approval of submitted receipts.