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Subscription Commerce Industry Outlook

2023 Annual
Report Preview

E-Commerce Projections For 2023

Subscriptions Are Key to Higher Customer Lifetime Value

In the midst of a looming recession and budget constraints due to inflation, the subscription industry reportedly grew by $51 billion year over year, reaching a 275-billion-dollar valuation at the end of 2022. But can we expect the same growth in 2023?

While projections paint a promising future for direct-to-consumer subscription businesses, the latest consumer surveys conducted by SUBTA in partnership with Attest reveal that the competitive nature of the industry will be at an all-time high in 2023.

Discover how you can enrich your customers’ lives to the point that they will never consider replacing you with another brand thanks to the data highlighted in the 2023 Annual Report Preview.

What’s in the Report?

  • Key 2023 Trends to Monitor
  • Top Metrics to Focus on in 2023
  • 2022 Takeaways
  • Top Reasons for Customer Cancellations in 2022
  • Top Reasons for Customer Retention in 2022
  • Exclusive Replay of the 2023 Trends & Prediction Webinar in partnership with Walmart+

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In 2022, we saw a big shift in the industry...

“…Subscriptions continue to be integrated into our lives, but consumers are increasingly critical of the value of each subscription, how many subscriptions they have, and how that brand supports their overall life goals,” said Paul Chambers, CEO of SUBTA. “Our research shows that the industry’s success will undoubtedly continue and rapidly grow, but brands need to be keenly focused on how they engage their communities and enrich their lives beyond the products.”

Wondering what 2023 will look like for your business?

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