What’s New at SubSummit 2022

Are you ready to unlock your subscription’s full potential? Attend SubSummit 2022 on June 1-3 in Orlando, Florida for three days filled with insights, opportunities, and celebrations.

Yes, the biggest DTC subscription conference is going to be better than ever, and we can’t wait to see you there!

The SubSummit Marketplace

Expand your network, find exclusive products, and take your subscription box to new heights at the first-ever SubSummit Marketplace.

Sourcing and curating a subscription box are two of the biggest challenges for subscriptionpreneurs.

SubSummit 2022 is gathering the industry’s top vendors to help you solve both of these issues at once. 

The Startup Track

Learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and discover the tools you need to to see results quickly.  From there, blaze your own trail in the subscription industry and become an integral part of the community.

You will be hearing and learning from subscriptionpreneurs who have been in your shoes and are now seeing tremendous success in the space, so bring your notepad!

Who knows, maybe you will be a speaker at SubSummit 2023’s Startup Track after implementing the insights you will gain in 2022…

The Subscription Swag Shop

Send us your subscription swag and we’ll put it up for sale. Best of all — 100% of the proceeds will go to charity!

What's Improved in 2022

100+ Exhibitor Spaces Available

Create meaningful connections with the leaders of the DTC subscription space next June by either walking down the world's largest DTC subscription exhibitor hall or being a part of it!

Hosted Buyer Program 2022

Secure 1-on-1 meetings with pre-qualified merchants and suppliers who can help you launch, grow, or expand your subscription business easily and efficiently.

Insights at Every Corner

You'll walk out of SubSummit with a ton of actionable insights that will have an immediate impact on your business, whatever stage your subscription is at. 

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