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“Stay Ai is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to turn their subscription into a performance channel. Our AI-driven models learn from your shoppers’ behavior, giving you the tools to optimize customer retention and increase customer lifetime value.

Our Experience Engine offers a rule-based promo creation system that allows you to increase your monthly revenue by 15% or more within just 90 days. Easily A/B test multiple promos at once to optimize your CLTV and enjoy advanced analytics that shows you when and how to engage with your subscribers.

With our Retention Engine, you can cut active churn by up to 47%. Our data-driven insights give you the tools to build a higher-performing subscription offering, while also identifying where your customers are churning and where to set up retention tactics.

We offer seamless integration with Shopify, and our 2-3 week onboarding process has zero downtime. Our native gifting functionality comes out of the box, and we offer flexible build-a-box/bundling options. And our no-code portal and email creation capabilities help to reduce subscription-related support tickets.”

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