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Bango brings together digital payments and marketing technology so that you can more effectively market, merchandise and monetize your products to online customers everywhere. The world’s leading companies work with Bango to accelerate their growth and scale their businesses.

One of our core products is Bango Resale, which enables telcos, retailers, banks, and other consumer businesses to Super Bundle hundreds of subscription services, delivered as compelling offers, targeted at different customer segments, and added to a single monthly bill.

Bango Resale acts like a ‘Digital Vending Machine’ (DVM) providing all the core requirements needed for a successful Super Bundling business. Resellers and content providers connect once to the Bango Platform to join an ecosystem of over 150+ partners, reaching new paying customers everywhere.

Uniquely, Bango technology delivers the full customer lifecycle for your bundling and resale business. Revolutionize how you deliver subscription offers, bundles and promotions with Bango Resale.

Bango is currently the main provider for bundling, offer, and loyalty solutions in the telco space. When you get your free Norton from BT, or your discounted Netflix from EE that’s Bango Resale working at the back end. Vodafone gives you Amazon Prime Video all through the Bango Platform. Two well-established subscription hubs are Optus SubHub in Australia and Verizon +Play in the US, both are powered by Bango Resale!

We are the standard delivery point for all the subscription service products into telcos – including all the main providers of movies/TV, music, sports, gaming, fitness, news, health, food and many more. Bango are one of two companies able to distribute all the Microsoft and Xbox products (e.g., Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox All Access, which includes the consoles). One of two (different two) partnered with Amazon (for all Prime, Prime Video, Music, Kindle, Twitch etc.), we also power telco payments for the main Amazon store in Japan. We also work some of the biggest content providers globally including Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, Peloton, Weight Watchers, BritBox, HBO, Peacock, Discovery+, NFL, NBA, and many more!

Come and check us out at Booth #313 and join our panel session (The Future of Subscriptions: Super Bundling, a Win-Win-Win Formula) with Verizon and Duolingo on Thursday 1st | 2:30PM – 2:55PM | Denver Theater

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