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Are you covering the e-commerce and retail space? Attend this year’s SubSummit!

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  • Gain access to private SubSummit events like the Cube Awards ceremony and the Pitch Competition Presented by Pitney Bowes and Praella.

  • Help your audience understand the true impact of subscriptions in the modern commerce landscape. 

Influencer Pass

Looking to shoot exclusive footage at the heart of SubSummit 2022? 

You can! All you have to do is apply for an Influencer Pass and the floor is yours. 

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* The revenue will be generated through an affiliate link. The influencer must meet content requirements in order to benefit from the SubSummit affiliate program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hundreds of direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscription business owners and suppliers who are looking to grow their businesses in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

The DTC subscription industry revolves around directly providing consumers with products and services on a recurring basis. From HelloFresh to Netflix, the wide variety of subscriptions that operate within this space is astounding. 

Subscriptions play a key role in consumers’ lives today. More than 80% of U.S. consumers are active subscribers, according to PYMNTS and Additionally, the industry has experienced a 437% growth in the last decade or so, according to Zuora. Simply put, the world operates on subscription, and the shifts currently taking place in the commerce world emphasize the benefits of recurring revenues. 

SubSummit will be on June 1-3 in Orlando, Fla. 

Kimberly Lewis of CurlMix, Haroon Mokhtarzada of TrueBill, and Ellyette Gheno of Bootaybag are among some of the speakers you’ll hear from this year. See the full lineup here (this is not the final list, the page will be continuously updated between now and the conference).

A SubSummit staff member will reach out to you as soon as your request has been approved. Please allow between 5-10 business days for the review of your submission.

For influencers, a SubSummit staff member will reach out to you directly to discuss the content requirements mentioned in your application.

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