The SubSummit Front Porch

Your chance to showcase your brand at the heart of the world’s largest event dedicated to consumer subscription businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Front Porch?

Located at the heart of the world’s largest DTC subscription exhibitor hall, the SubSummit Front Porch features any and all the subscription products and services that make consumers’ lives easier and more fun!

Where do I ship my subscription?

Fill out the form above to find out where you need to ship your box in order to be featured on this year’s SubSummit Front Porch!

When does my subscription need to be delivered?

Your subscription box MUST be delivered by April 28 at the latest.

Is there anything else I need to do after shipping my subscription?

If you haven’t yet, make sure to get your SubSummit ticket so that you can be a part of the world’s largest event dedicated to consumer subscription brands.

How will I know my subscription has been delivered?

If you’re unsure about the delivery status of your product, please contact the SubSummit team:

Will I get my subscription back after SubSummit?

SubSummit reserves the right to keep all boxes displayed on the front porch after the conference. However, if you attend the conference, you are welcome to leave Dallas with your package when SubSummit is officially over! 

Subscriptions will be showcased in the SUBTA Studios throughout the year, so stay tuned to see if your subscription makes an appearance in one of our shows! 

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