Subscription Commerce Industry Outlook

2024 Annual

Cultivate Frictionless Experiences

Predicting Customer Behaviors & Fulfilling Needs in 2024

Subscription, membership and loyalty brands continue to drive the rapid growth of the ever-evolving e-commerce sector. The lates research, lead by The Subscription Trade Association, reveals that the recurring revenue ecosystem is valued at an estimated $3T. 

From exclusive case studies on how to leverage retail partnerships to the top reasons why customers cancel and subscribe to companies, The State Of Subscription Commerce Industry Outlook Annual Report dives into key trends in e-commerce and actionable takeaways to elevate your business in 2024. 

What’s In the Report:

  • Key 2024 Trends to Monitor
  • Top Metrics to Focus on in 2024
  • 2024 Takeaways
  • Top Reasons for Subscription Cancellations in 2024
  • Top Reasons for Subscription Retention in 2024

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