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Day Two

Churn Management in the Time of Coronavirus

The economic disruptions caused by the Coronavirus has been felt unevenly by subscription businesses: Some have been almost completely stopped, while others have seen their growth accelerate. The session will look at how different scenarios have led to different responses in subscription businesses in 2020.

Recurring Success: Exploring 2020 Subscription Retention & Payment Trends

The rapidly growing subscription market is providing more options for consumers to pay-as-they-go instead of buying ownership, creating another challenge for subscription providers to retain subscribers and keep them engaged and active. In this session, Mike Rogers with ACI Worldwide will reveal insights from a series of recent studies, including market research conducted with Mastercard, that asked consumers and subscription providers about their payment and communication preferences.

World’s Best Persuasion Tactics – From A to Z

Gain a lexicon of persuasive words and copy constructs that you can use tomorrow to increase engagement and response.

Media Transformation: Visionaries in the Sub Economy

Media outlets have embraced their role as essential businesses and experienced a swell of traffic from existing and new readers amid today’s uncertainty. But what happens next? How should business leaders reimagine innovation and digital strategies to meet customers where they are today, and to maintain growth in the next normal and beyond? In this panel session led by Zuora, Business Insider, Financial Times, and The Seattle Times will share insights and learnings for subscription businesses to become truly customer-centric organizations, organizations best positioned to win in today’s Subscription Economy.

Like a Fine Wine: How Winc’s Influencer Partnership Program Has Matured Into a Robust Customer Acquisition Channel

Eric Miller, Senior Manager, Partnerships & Influencer Marketing at Winc, will sit down with Cristy Garcia, VP of Marketing at Impact, to discuss how he’s deployed partnership automation technology to measure ROI, amplify content creation, and inform product strategy through the influencer channel. Winc’s program includes creators of all audience sizes– but managing partnerships with micro and nano creators at scale has helped them unlock surprising insights and boost customer acquisition.

Destined for Success: Delivery Partner Best Practices

Dependable delivery of your customer’s box is critical to the success of your subscription business. Join John Haji, as he interviews Rob Glover, VP of Sales at OSM Worldwide, to discuss how shipping trends are affecting the industry. Learn how you can optimize your shipping strategy, to save time and costs, with the right delivery carrier.

How to Get Acquired: Building Value for the Future

The goal of every entrepreneur is to build wealth and one of the key ways to do that is by selling the company when the time is right. The question for subscription companies is: what should management focus on now that will maximize the value of the business when it’s time to sell it? In this session, mergers and acquisition experts Errol Glasser and Richard Kestenbaum talk about the metrics and strategies that will maximize the value of a subscription business in a sale.

Meeting the Moment with Next-Gen Digital Advertising

By now, you’re probably tired of trying to plan and launch campaigns in these ‘uncertain times.’ What is certain however is that the pandemic has only further accelerated the consumer migration en masse to connected platforms and swift adoption of digital content consumption. As people increasingly live their lives in digital environments — consuming content, transacting, organizing, and socializing in digital spaces — it’s imperative that the subscription industry meet the moment.

How COVID Almost Killed This Business, but Subscription Saved It

How an “unlikely” brand used subscriptions to not only save their business through the pandemic but put themselves in the most successful and stable place they’ve ever been. Join Darryl Stewart, of Chaeban, as he shares his story with Jay from Bold Commerce.

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